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Ron Blanchet Marine Accidents
CEO / Ron Blanchet

2,600 Casualties Investigated

Mr. Blanchet has investigated in excess of 2,600 water-related misadventures, thus, garnering extensive experience in accident reconstruction, causation analysis, and providing expert testimony in criminal and civil courts.


When presenting evidence, his honest and sincere demeanor creates a positive influence in the minds of judges and juries, who favourably accept the strong logic and reasonableness of his convincing testimony.

Knowledge, Strategy & Case Preparation

Ron’s notable knowledge and interpretation of marine law and assessment of marine negligence, significantly assists the legal and insurance professions with sound strategy and effective case preparation for mediation and/or trial.

Over 46 + yrs. Reconstructing Boating Accidents

Mr. Blanchet entered the independent insurance adjusting field in 1970, and immediately focused on marine casualty assignments.


A great deal of his marine knowledge and skills were derived from manufacturers and repairers of watercraft, marine engines and auxiliary equipment, members of police forces and engineering firms, coupled with his perseverance for self-learning.


Pursuit of authoritative, scientific and technical education continues, by participating in relevant seminars, consuming and applying published and recognized theories and practices to field investigations, examination of physical evidence, analysis of causation, and to the processes associated with reconstructing watercraft and water sport accidents.

Success is achieving or exceeding clients’ expectations!

In 1989, Mr. Blanchet retired from the insurance claims industry and formed a consulting firm, now known as Marine Accident Services.


It succeeded solely on word of mouth referrals by achieving or exceeding clients’ expectations. Consequently, Ron adopted a simple philosophy: “Do not follow where the path may lead. Go, instead, where there is no path, and leave a trail.”

Valued Partners:
MacViro Investigative Engineering                                           Forensic Engineering Inc.       
Forensic Climatology Consulting Ltd.
(Expertise in re-creating atmospheric conditions)
Marine Accident Services

MAS is an expert litigation support resource for civil/criminal lawyers across Canada handling all types of water-related misadventures.

We’re much more than just a consulting firm. We are Professional Marine Investigators & qualified forensic experts, who will assist you in all aspects of your investigation and provide you with the expertise you need for a comprehensive, detailed and reliable report

to resolve your case quickly and successfully.

Our investigation, accident reconstruction, causation analysis, forensic assessment and strategic planning is strictly confined to complex, catastrophic and fatal misadventures.

MAS experiences with marine misadventures includes:

  • underwater / shoreline topography

  • weather / sun / wind / wakes & waves

  • lighting / glare / reflections

  • angle of impact

  • vessel capacity ratings

  • speed & maneuverability

  • collision avoidance / preventive measures

  • seaworthiness of vessel

  • knowledge & interpretation of Marine Law

  • boat & personal water craft accidents

  • SCUBA / Free diving occurrences

  • case assement

  • engine failures

  • boat fires and explosions

  • physical damage analysis

  • and much more….

Our key aim is to carry out discrete and sensitive investigations of pleasure craft accidents, and our goal is to deliver end to end service and expert testimony to give our clients peace of mind.
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